Saturday, September 12, 2009

Your World

One day a seven year old boy was home alone with his father and was pestering his dad to play with him. His dad was watching a ball game and didn't want to be disturbed. Finally his father went to his den and came to the boy with a map of the world. He said "ok son I'm going to rip this map up into small pieces. I want you to tape it back together with all the countries in the right place. When you've finished with it we'll go outside and play."The father knew this would take his son at least two or three hours and even then he couldn't possibly get it all correct. He leaned back and returned to watching the ballgame. Within ten minutes the little boy appeared to his father with the map perfectly taped together with all the countries correctly arranged. The boy's father was stunned and said "how did you do this so quickly?" the boy turned the map over and said "there was a picture of a man on the other side dad, and when I put the man together correctly the world just seemed to take care of itself."
Do what you can to be a better person today and put yourself together right and your outer world will be right as well
Always remember " Good Deed, Good Thought,Good Words"

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