Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Interesting and informative facts

1. Chinese ladies painted their nails even 5000 years ago.

2. Little Hollywood secret: wear yellow visually enhances the owner of the shooting, Green - decreases.

3. Do Indian women of the tribe of Panama San Blas big nose is a sign of beauty. They draw the bow longitudinal black stripes that visually lengthen the nose. Men have a big nose is a sign of leadership. More Interesting and informative facts after the break...

4. In India, men can wear pajamas to the output. Pyjamas - is a common daily attire.

5. In the UK, 18th-century secular dandies wore tight trousers so that the dressing pants stretched on special pegs, and a gentleman jump up in them.

6. In 1500 BC shaved head was considered a model of feminine beauty. Egyptian women removed every hair with gold tweezers and rubbing your scalp to shine.

7. Chow Chow - the only dog that has dark-blue tongue. As the Chinese say, she licked the sky. In addition she has such an unusual color language only Shar-Pei and the polar bear. Languages other dogs are pink.

8. Kangaroo rat never drinks water. Like its relatives, marsupial mice, they have a water source within yourself, highlighting the liquid from the food and inhaled air.

9. According to research conducted at the Institute for the Study of animals in Washington, like humans, dogs and cats can be right-handed and left-handed.
The triangular base of the soft part of a horse's hoof called the frog.

10. In long days on the planet were carried dragonflies the size of a hawk.

11. Eggs, which is a hummingbird-sized pills Tik-Tak, and all of the bits of the slot can fit into a walnut shell.

12. The biggest gold fish reach a length of 38 centimeters and are found they are in Hong Kong. The name of the fish - Bruce.

13. The largest American alligator in length was more than 6 meters - it can be freely along the length of 3 people fit!

14. The largest invertebrate - coconut crab, whose diameter is "paws on" can reach a meter, and his claws he can crush coconuts.

15. Arctic jellyfish tentacles giant can reach up to 36 meters in length.

16. In Ethiopia's Surma tribe is custom in which a girl for some time before the wedding, remove the lower teeth, pierced lip and insert it into the clay disk. From time to time to replace the disk similar, but larger diameter. And then the wedding? And though the larger the diameter of the disc - the more the dowry the bride, because it symbolizes a level of wealth drive the bride's family.

17. The concept of the wedding night in Albania is very conditional. There is a tradition in which the three days and three nights in the newly formed woman must resist the attacks on her husband's execution of family duty. This is done in order to confuse evil spirits.

18. It's simple on the island Trombrian that close to New Guinea. Want to get married? Eat with a future spouse of one plate in front of other members of the tribe. Ate? Now you're a married man!

19. In the 13th century established the standards for pasta Pope.

20. Romans as a seasoning often used Garuma - special paste made of slightly rotten fish.

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