Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Virus

Two men were diagnosed with a deadly virus. They were told that
the cure would change their life forever. Their families might
disown them, and friends could turn their backs on them.

One man decided to decline the offer; he didn't want to be left
out of anything. At first everything seemed ok. He drank with
his friends and family and ignored what the doctors said.

Time went past and life took a turn for the worst. The virus
began to consume his life. He had to quit his job and lost his
source of income. The people he called friends didn't help,
they told him it was his problem not theirs. Everyday was a
struggle for life. His days were long and painful. On his
deathbed his last words were, I should've taken the cure.

The other man decided to take the cure.

From then on his life changed. His family betrayed him, and
said it was a waste of money. They didn't talk to him anymore
because they didn't believe in what he was doing. His friends
left because he couldn't do all the stuff he used to do. At
first he cursed the doctors for the way people were treating

After time he began to get better. He was getting promoted
because he was able to focus on his job. His family apologized
for the way they treated him. He got new friends that helped
him daily. Life to him was a gift. He thanked God daily that
he decided to take that cure.

That virus is like our problems.

If we hold on to them and ignore them they will begin to consume
us. They will take over our life and no matter what we do, we
won't be able to get rid of them.

If we give our problems to God he can heal us.
He is the cure for any problem we might have.
Yes we might be treated differently, but in the end we can say
thank you God.

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