Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How Keep Living Well as We Live Longer

How Keep Living Well as We Live Longer
 By Brian Cairns

 With the recent advances in medicine, Americans today are living longer than ever. As we plan to live longer, our focus needs to shift on what to do now so we keep living well long into our senior years. Below are some great tips to follow. The Anvanca® programs offer a number of tools that may be able to help

  Living Well Tip #1: Stay Active The best way to keep you organs working well is to ensure that they have sufficient blood flow to deliver the nutrients they need and remove the wastes that can build up. Nowhere is this more important than in the brain. The brain is very sensitive to changes in blood supply, and any disruption can lead to impairment. Unfortunately, the brain’s ability to heal itself is very limited, so once the damage is done, it is often very difficult to fix.

  Living Well Tip #2: Stay Alert When it comes to our brains, the old adage, “use it or lose it” definitely holds true. Keeping your mind active and alert is critical to fighting off age related mental decline. Challenging yourself to learn new things can really help. Learning a new language, musical instrument, or a new hobby are all good choices.

  Living Well Tip #3: Eat Well A diet full of fruits and vegetables has been shown time and again to yield benefits in staving off age related declines. There are dozens of studies which have shown the benefits of consuming foods high in antioxidants, on maintaining healthy brain and cardiovascular functioning.

  Living Well Tip #4: Keep Your Blood Pressure in Check Elevated blood pressure causes strain to the cardiovascular system. If the system is taxed, then it does a poorer job in delivering nutrients and removing waste.

  Living Well Tip #5: Maintain a Healthy Blood Sugar Fluctuations in blood sugar can adversely affect the brain. As in tip #1, maintaining normal brain function is a balance between nutrients and waste removal. If either side of the equation is defective, the brain will not function as well. For more helpful information on weight loss, diet, nutrition, and exercise, visit us on www.anvanca.com or register to my RSS feed.

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