Wednesday, August 8, 2012


THE TEST OF FAITH George Muller was a man of unflinching and ardent belief. He rendered service to humanity in a spirit of selflessness and self effacement. He had organized an orphanage in which children were fed, clothed and educated. He used to say that if we serve with faith, love and selflessness, Lord’s Grace would surely smile upon such endeavors. He believed firmly that prayer offered unto the Lord in faith can never go unheard. One day he was sitting in the office when the Manager of the orphanage came and said,” Today, we just do not have anything whatsoever to feed the children. What should be done?” Max Muller replied, “Recite the Name of Lord and attend to your duties. At the scheduled time of the lunch, place plates and other utensils for the children as per usual routine.” The Manager was surprised and gazed at his face in wonder. The order was obeyed and tables were set for lunch. The Manager asked Muller whether the lunch bell should be rung. Muller gave his assent. Radiating confidence and faith, Muller said, “We have done we ought to do with full faith. Now, let us leave His work unto Him, the Lord.” Muller closed his eyes and started reciting the Name of the Lord. The bell was rung. Children rushed in and took their seats. Just at that time, a lorry drew in with cooked meals ready to serve. The individual coming in said that a certain Lord has arranged a grand feast in the hotel but for some unknown reason, the feast was cancelled. To ensure that such a delicious meal should not go waste, he directed us to bring it here with his good wishes.

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