Sunday, February 14, 2016

                            THOUGHTS AND ASPIRATIONS
                                         My Guru J.P.VASVANI

Friends can forsake and relatives can refus.
But there is ONE who always loves. HE IS GOD !!!
Build your life in the love of GOD !!

Every accomplishment, every form of excellence, every success, small or big, belongs to GOD.
If you are wise and intelligent, it is GOD given.
If your hard work and effort are commendable, it is due to the grace of GOD.
If you are truly conscious of this, and acknowledge HIS grace in all humility, you will be blessed and you will become a source of blessing to many.

The best way to keep ourselves and our lives in good shape is to empty our minds of all worries, anxieties, tensions and negative thoughts before we retire for night.
We can then begin the new day with energy, vigour and freshness.

A happy mind is the greatest aid to a healthy body.

Greet difficulties with a smile and meet dangers with courage. Never forget that the Almighty God is ever with you, protecting you, guiding you, guarding you.
Almighty God never fails. Trust in HIM till the breaking point—and the breaking point will never come!!!

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