Tuesday, February 16, 2016

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“What do you think?” is often used as a rhetorical question. But it is used here in all seriousness, since this is a most important question in your life and in mine; for what we think determines what we are!!!

“As he thinketh in his heart, so is he.” You have probably read or heard this statement hundreds of times, but have you ever really absorbed and appropriated the secret of these few words to your own use? If so, you have within your power a magic formula more valuable than all the gold in Fort Knox!!

By your thoughts you are daily, even, hourly, building your life just as surely as the mason builds a wall by placing brick upon brick, stone upon stone. By your thoughts you are erecting the temple of your life; you are carving your destiny, as the sculptor with his chisel and hammer; chip by chip, creates the finished statue from a block of marble or from a rough stone.
With the implement of thought you are the architect or builder of your own life, the sculptor of the finished product of you. The   question arises as to how these implements are used to produce such a priceless product, such a marvelous result.

In Hebrews it is written: “By faith we understand that the worlds have been formed by the word of God, so that what is seen hath not been made out of things which appear.” Emmett Fox once stated, “In the Bible the ‘word’ means any definitely formulated thought.” Like a sculptor or builder, you do not create the materials but you do select and shape them into whatever you wish. This you do through the implementation of thought. How important it is then that you be careful and discriminating in selecting your thoughts(or tools) for the building of a great and worthy life!

“As he thinketh in his heart, so is he.” No one can have good, clean thoughts. If your aim is nobility, you must have noble thoughts. If your desire is to be of service, you must think of ways in which you can serve others. If you want to be a radiant and beloved individual, you must be a loving, kind, generous, and appreciative person. If you want to know joy and peace of heart, then you must think and try to maintain a joyous, peaceful spirit.

“Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are lovely..... think on these things,” Paul wrote to the Philippians. The form of the word think, as used here, literally means “keep on thinking.”  Keep on thinking constructive and uplifting thoughts.
Do not be filled with ambition and energy today, and then tomorrow give way to thoughts of depression and listlessness. Do not be loving, kind and generous in the morning, and in the evening indulge in a fit of temper or allow yourself to criticize or condemn a friend, associate, or even someone you do not know—perhaps a leader of world affairs. Deliberately and constantly cultivate high and worthy thoughts.

By thoughts, you may say, are invisible and fleeting, coming without your consent from you know not where, and vanishing without your control into nothingness, as if they have never been. Thoughts are indestructible, as real as radio and television waves, as powerful as life, and they are never lost. While it is true that thoughts may come unbidden, you can cast out those that are harmful and substitute good thoughts instead.

For instance, if you have a fleeting unkind thought about someone or situation, you can immediately reject it by thinking of some good quality in that person, or some good in the situation. There is a proverb that says that you may not be able to keep the birds from alighting on your head, but you can prevent their building nests in your hair.

Through your God-given power of choice, you can control your thinking. In this realm you are absolutely free, regardless of your surroundings or circumstances. The good thought that you formulate and cherish within the holy of holiest that is your inner soul, will bring peace, power, happiness, and character. And negative thoughts will produce the opposite-fear, uneasiness, discord, and sickness.

There are methods you can use to strengthen your ability to think only dynamic and spiritual thoughts. One is to repeat silently (alphabetically, if that helps you in this exercise) affirmative and constructive words such as alertness, ability, ambition, accuracy, beauty, bravery, confidence, concentration, courage, determination, diligence, efficiency, economy, enthusiasm, faith fearlessness, fairness, goodness, gratitude, honesty, honour and so on. To repeat and or weakness, but will also give you inner confidence and inspiration.

In a similar way favourite Bible passages and dynamic affirmations of Truth may be repeated. There are words of Jesus, “Ask whatsoever ye will, and it shall be done,” “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free,” or perhaps you prefer the 23rd and 91st Psalms or affirmations like the following: I choose to give power in my mind only to thoughts that produce good results in my life and affairs, I use my God-given power of choice to think only good thoughts.

Pause often to give thanks and praise for the goodness and blessings that are yours. Nothing makes for a more dynamic mental discipline than this habit. Cultivate this form of prayer. It will give you inner happiness and outer glow. The boy or girl who is truly grateful and thankful will feel and radiate a spirit of deep and abiding optimism and joy, and these are unfailing magnets of well-deserve popularity!

There is  especially uplifting thrilling, and powerful song:
“Praise God that God is everywhere;
Praise to the Love we all may share;
The life that thrills in you and me;
Praise to the Truth that sets us free.”
Try singing it or silently repeat the words often.
Periods of meditation are necessary for spiritual growth. Cultivate the habit of observing a prayer period each day, a time of stillness and silence, for your best thoughts often come to you and are developed in solitude and prayerful meditation. In this outer and inner stillness you can best hear the voice of God and feel the guidance of Spirit. 

Train yourself to find moments of stillness the last thing at night before falling asleep and first thing upon waking in the morning. This perhaps will be the time you most deeply realise the presence and power and peace of God.

Keep the door of your mind closed to every depressing or unkind thought. Cultivate thoughts of cheerfulness, helpfulness, reverence, nobility. The eternal mind of God is constantly pouring forth perfect spiritual ideas for your use- for your guidance, enlightenment, protection, and happiness. Accept and think on these!

Thanking my Guru J.P.VASVANI and “East and West Magazine”


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