Saturday, February 20, 2016

Inspiring Stories


In a pretty little story we read that the angels asked God if there was anything in the world stronger than rocks.

 “Yes”, answered God, “stronger than rocks is iron: for iron can break rock.”

“Anything stronger than iron?” asked the angels;

And the Lord answered: “Fire: for iron may be melted in fire.” 

“Anything stronger than fire?” asked the angels

And the Lord said: “Yes water: for fire is quenched by water?”

“Anything stronger than water?” angels asked again

And the Lord answered: “Yes, wind: for wind may scatter water.”

“Anything stronger than Wind?” angels asked again

 “Yes,” said the Lord, “Sympathy is stronger; and nothing there be that is stronger than the compassionate heart.” Compassion, maĆ®tri will be the key to the new social order.

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