Friday, March 4, 2016


Life is made up of Moments.
Moments create Days, days create Months,
months create Years and years create LIFE.
Lose the moment and you lose Life.
Be thankful that you are on your feet,
for there are people who can't
even walk down the street.
Don't be amongst those who
are trying to build a better Tomorrow.
You can have a better tomorrow only if
your Today is better than your Yesterday.
Life is like a beautiful bird
that comes to your hand.
If you let it go, it will fly into the sky,
never to return.
First you Yearn to Earn.
Then you Learn that others
will Burn what you Earn.
Stop! Turn and Spend before your End.
It is strange — people chase and hoard money,
and even cheat the world to become rich
only to finally leave it all behind.
The Wind that Blows,
the Water that Flows,
the Sun that Glows, are
all proof that a Power exists.
Believe and Experience the Universal Power.
Think of Today, not Tomorrow.
It's time to be Happy,
not live a Life of Sorrow.
Find out those things that make you
Glad & eliminate those that make you Sad.
Of course, things will go wrong.
Move on!
Don't let the little snags
affect the progress of your life.
Don't just GO through life,
GROW through it for
Life comes to you only once... never to return!
Climb the Ladder of Life, step by step.

(With Thanks to 100 Diamond Quotes By RVM)

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