Sunday, March 6, 2016


First, know where you want to go.
Then, go where you want to go.
You are your own pilot
and you can choose your Destination.
Tremendous energy lies within each one of us.
Alas! We don't discover and unleash it
and when we die, we lose it
because we didn't use it.
Look at yourself—are your eyes Twinkling?
Is your heart Dancing?
Are your lips Smiling?
If yes, then you are truly enjoying Life.
Whenever a problem arrives,
do three things—
Face it, Fight it and Finish it.
There are people who are dancing through Life
and others who are crying through Life.
The irony is that Life is the same —
what we do is purely our Choice.
We all program our gadgets
— computers, mobiles etc.
But we don't Program our Mind
in such a way that we can
Enter Faith, exit Doubt.
Enter Hope, exit Worry.
Enter Courage, exit Fear.
Let the Positive enter your Life
so that the Negative exits.
Life is not a Race,
but we still continue the Chase
and try to be an Ace.
It 's time to get out of this Maze
and Truly Live with Grace.
Some people live such boring lives;
it 's Black & White, so dead!
I choose to color my life with Fun,
some Blue, some Green, some Red.
Look at people around you.
Some Inspire you, some Perspire you.
Be with those that build Energy in you.

With Thanks to 100 Diamond Quotes By RVM

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