Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Snake Charmer

A Snake charmer moved from village to village to entertain folks with his acrobatic team of a monkey, a snake and a goat. Once, while wading across a river, he balanced the snake basket on his head, sat the monkey on his shoulder and guided the goat with his hand. The water level was low but there flowed a strong current.The charmer cautiously took his steps, with an eye on all three of his team. Midway, where the force was fierce enough to drag away the goat, he tightened his grip on it. The other two were safe above. Or were they? The monkey, by nature, was mischievous. It was restless and couldn't resist playing a game. It slowly opened the snake basket. The snake within the darkness of the basket sprung up with its head high and tongue hissing... sss sss sss. The sound and fury, frightened the monkey and it fell into the water.The current began to drag the monkey away. A split-second effort to save the monkey threw the charmer off balance and he dropped the snake basket into the stream. To catch hold of the basket, he lost his grip on the goat. Within seconds, all three of his companions - the monkey, the snake and the goat were carried away by the current.
In real life, our mind is the monkey. It is restless and difficult to predict. Many times it causes trouble and leads us into serious trouble. Instead of helping us float across the ocean of life, it throws us into the ocean.Therefore, it is wise that we control and master our mind.

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