Friday, October 30, 2009

Easy to observe hints on maintaining good health

1) Drink a glass of water early in the morning after brushing the teeth.

2) If there is no bowel movement, drink a glassful of hot water before going to bed the previous night.

3) Daily take good quantity of good variety of fruits or fruit juice.

4) Avoid eating polished rice and maida flour.

5) Eat more and more grains and pulses of round variety (Ragi, mazie, bajar etc).

6) Eat more vegetables, try to avoid non-vegetarian food.

7) Eat germinated pulses like bengal gram, peas, horse gram, green gram etc. preferable

8) Take milk, buttermilk and ghee in moderate.

9) Avoid pre-cooked, canned food, cold, dry, synthetic syrups, dry food, pickles, frozen food.

10) Avoid eating bakery food, fried, masala mixed food.

11) Completely avoid tobacco (smoke, chewing, snuffing) coffee, tea, sleeping pills, pain killers etc.

12) Eat only when you are hungry, but , do not drink water when you are hungry, nor eat solid food when you are thirsty. This will end up in digestive disorder and obesity and possibility of cancer

13) Reduce the intake of salt.

14) Always masticate your food well, do not hurry up and swallow.

15) Do not eat when you are tired, relax and then have food.

16) Do not eat immediately after hard labour.

17) Do not drink water during meals, practice taking water half an hour before or after meals. Drink 7 to 8 glasses of water daily.

18) Do not eat between meals.

19) Do not with hold or fail to answer calls of nature (Urination or Motion)
20) Always inhale fresh air, let your bed room have free movement of fresh atmospheric air.

21) Practice deep breath through the nose several times.

22) Have regular exercise.

23) Roam in the sun as long as possible and better have sun bath for health reasons.

24) Enjoy an undisturbed sleep during nights.

25) It is good to have your feet in slightly elevated position when you sleep, Have a pillow below your legs or slightly raise the leg of your cot, this will facilitate easy flow of venous blood back to the lungs, do not sleep on the back, sleep on one side.

26) See that you have sufficient rest during day at regular intervals

27) Never sleep with your head in northern direction, east is best

28) Above all meditate, pray and believe in God,. You will be healthy.

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