Friday, October 9, 2009


Calcium helps keep the weight off:
Research suggests that if you don’t get enough calcium in your diet, you’re likely to be overweight. An adequate supply appears to make it easier to maintain a healthy weight.
Calcium protects your heart:
If you’re low on calcium, you’re more likely to have high blood pressure. An adequate supply of calcium helps muscles including your heart muscle does their work of contracting and relaxing. Calcium helps your nervous system regulate the level of pressure in your arteries.
Calcium maintains healthy teeth:
Owing to the advantages of calcium, the market today is flooded with innumerable kinds of calcium supplements. However, it is important that we consume calcium in natural forms as far as possible and resort to supplements only whenever necessary.
Best natural sources:
One of the most vital nutrients required to improve calcium absorption in the body is available in abundance and totally free to mankind the simple sunlight. It is the best source of vitamin D which helps in the absorption of calcium. Therefore, bask in the sunlight everyday for at least 20-4- minutes. Go to your terrace, walk in the fresh air. The best time to do this is before 11am and after 2.30pm.
Do you know the calcium pill can also be the tomato?
The vitamin C content of the tomato helps to form and maintain collagen that provides strength and elasticity for our teeth and bones. Eat them fresh, not processed, four tomatoes is enough for your required dietary allowance everyday.
Sesame Seeds:
These tiny seeds can contribute a lot towards your calcium intake. Toss them in salad, add tahini butter to your toast, splash some in your vegetables, mix them in your raitas and you are set.
Leafy Green Vegetables:
The powerhouse of calcium coriander, fenugreek, spinach are a high source of easily absorbable calcium. No wonder we have been asked to eat these in plenty by our patents and grandparents. Coriander can be a garnish for almost anything! Have Methi aloo paratha, methi aloo bhaji or start the day with a spinach and lemon juice for your calcium punch.
This exotic vegetable is easily available and is one of the leading sources of calcium.
A bowl of curd with your lunch will do wonders to your overall health besides providing you with a calcium boost.
Kidney Beans:
Baked beans on toast, rajma with steamed rice, steamed beans in salads, are some of the ways you could use this delightful bean to your diet.
Not only are they delicious, they also provide you with calcium. Whenever you have that in-between meal craving, go for oranges!
Green peas:
You can toss them in salads, vegetable, rice, pastas, parathas or any other thing you may like. These small little peas are a packed source of calcium.
These nuts are known to be one of the highest in calcium content. You could take some with you to work to much on, or use them in desserts, salads, etc.
Chick Peas:
Kabuli chana, hummus, chole, are a good source of calcium.
Calcium intake is so easy to manage and so delicious too! Go beyond the dairy.

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