Friday, October 2, 2009

The Kings Lesson on Charity

Tale to Understand the Importance of Absence of Niggardliness in One's Life!
A person was advised by a holy man to gift a vegetable a day and told that he would attain
great merit by doing so.The poor man strictly followed the advice. After death, he was reborn in a royal family and grew up to become a king.
He was able to recall what he had done in his past birth. So, he continued to gift a vegetable a day.
Surprisingly, after death, he was reborn as a beggar.
The man was unable to comprehend the reason and so sought the advice of the holy man who had earlier blessed him. From the sage, he learnt that prior to becoming a king he had been very poor and s
a gift of a vegetable a day was sufficient to give him a lot of virtue.

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