Sunday, October 18, 2009

From A Tear To A Smile

Looking down at the cemetery plot, I could only feel tears streaming
down my face. My grandmother had just passed away at the age of 96,
almost 97. People were constantly saying to me, "...but she lived a
full and long life;" however, at that moment none of those statements
really mattered. I only felt a sense of loss - a huge one at that.Still, with my eyes on the grave, with tears welling up, I began
remembering my grandmother. I could even begin seeing what I thought
might be shadows of her in the cemetery grave. I thought I was also
experiencing the wonderful scents of her kitchen - the aroma of her
wonderful chicken soup that filled her pots every Friday afternoon and
the fragrance of the sizzling potato pancakes which always had been my
favorites.Just then I remembered a story about my grandmother when she was in the
hospital one time, already in her late 80's. She was in a special
hospital room for an x-ray to be taken. The technician left the room
ready to turn the x-ray machine on; however, my grandmother started
screaming, "WAIT, WAIT!"The technician stormed back into the room frantically asking, "Mrs.
Segal, Mrs. Segal, are you okay? What's the matter?"To this my almost 90-year-old grandmother calmly replied, "You failed
to ask me whether I might be pregnant."That, and many more positive stories about my grandmother, told me who
she really was. As I stood at the cemetery, I noticed that my tears had
changed to smiles.The key, I believe, to overcoming grief is in "memories." As long as I
remember my grandmother in my heart, she will always be "with me."As the funeral ended, I whispered to my grandmother that I loved her
very much and would visit her soon - if not at the cemetery, then in my

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