Friday, October 9, 2009


Our whole life, from birth to death, is oriented on acquiring supply, whether it is in the form of possession, food, clothing, housing, health, companionship, money, peace, etc., we are continuously striving for these things and will sometimes even fight for them, because we live in the acceptance of a life of lack, and the belief that we have to do something about this lack, And so arises fear, envy, greed, jealousy, worry, and other negative emotions, and the suffering and unhappiness that goes with them.
And yet we are told that “God knows of our needs and that it is His good pleasure to give of His Kingdom”.
Why are we still experiencing lack and limitation in so many ways on the different levels (physically, emotionally, mentally)?
Because we don’t give Him a chance to give of His Kingdom, because we are so busy worrying about how we are going to meet the problem, and so involved in our concept of how we are going to change or add to the situation, that we ourselves are the barrier for the perfect spiritual solution to manifest.
In other words, we think we know better than God.
And because of out limited understanding and insight, and because our motives are often based on how we would like the need to be met, the outcome is mostly unsatisfactory.
And yet, it really is so simple, for God is Love, and perfect Harmony will manifest in our lives, if we will consciously tune in with it, by acknowledging it and thanking God for it, with all our heart, mind and soul.
We are also told, “Not by might, not by power, but by My Spirit.”
We don’t have to strive and struggle, we just need to “be still and know that Iam God”, that my consciousness is God and let the power of Love take over.
Without interference of our thoughts, our concepts, when we let the “hidden splendor escape”, harmony will manifest, where lack was apparent.
We must get away from trying to change effect, by realizing that out good does not come from effect, from the visible form, but from God, the invisible cause.
When we ask for spiritual supply to be revealed without setting any conditions for the nature of the manifestation, or the time, everything is taken care of in a perfect way.

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