Saturday, October 17, 2009

How Much Do You Make In An Hour?

A boy asked his father, "How much do you make in a hour?The father got mad and answered roughly, "Don't bother me."He was tired and irritable after a tough day at work, but the boyinsisted. "Please, how much do you make?"The father said in a bad tone of voice, "$8.00 dollars for now."Then his son asked, "Father can you loan me four dollars?"The father said to him in a bad way, "I told you not to bother me,shut up and go to your room!"At bedtime the father was more calmed and felt bad about the wayhe treated his son. He went upstairs to his son's room andasked, "Are you asleep?" And he gave to the boy the fourdollars that he asked for.The boy thanked his father, put his hand under his pillow,pulled out four crumpled dollars, and said, "I have $8.00dollars, father could I buy one hour of your time."
~Author Unknown~

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