Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Rose

James was a highly respected officer in the army. In his sparetime, he liked to surf the net and talk to new people online.He had been talking to a woman for some time now and had a sortof internet relationship with her. He had actually fallen inlove with her. The only problem was that any time he asked herabout sending a picture her response was "if you love me thismuch then what I look like doesn't matter."So he agreed and let it go.Later, even without seeing her but only knowing her personalityand how loving and caring she was, he asked her to marry him, towhich she answered yes. They decided to meet at a train stationfor the first time and she told him that she would be wearing ared rose so that he would know who she was.Well the time came and James stood there in his full officersuniform waiting ever so anxiously for her to come off of thetrain.Then he looked over to see a tall blonde with a short cut dress,nice legs, long hair waving back and forth in the wind and themost beautiful eyes he had ever seen. He couldn't believe hiseyes. . .. . .then from behind her appeared an older heavyset womanwearing a red rose.As the beautiful woman walked by she asked, "Goin my waysoldier?" but James, as if he didn't even hear her, just turnedaround standing at attention with tears of joy in his eyes andlooking at the older woman and said,"It's a pleasure to finally meet you," to which the older ladysaid, "I don't know why but that lady that just walked by told meto wear this and if you came to me to tell you to meet her inthe restaurant across the street."That is the way most of our lives are. The decisions we makecan change our lives. If you make the wrong choice you couldend up empty-handed but choosing the right way, even though itmay be the harder way, will work out always in the end.We all have at least two choices to make,the right one and the wrong one.Which one will you make?
~Author Unknown~

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